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Train Traks available for streaming soon!

Can a good comic handle any room? Or will they get 'de-railed'?

Find out as your favorite up and comers take on the Traks!


Director, BED (2017)

A bedridden woman finds escape through her memories, each anchored around the very place she's stuck-- her bed. But in reliving the past, she revisits the missed chance that she will regret the rest of her life.

Zed Fest Film Festival

Winner, Outstanding Screen Story

Winner, Outstanding Arthouse Film


Best Shorts Competition

Award of Recognition, Experimental Category 

Director, B+ (2014)

When Macy's boyfriend calls a life with her a "B-plus" kind of life, the consummate A-student sets out to prove that she's worthy of an upgrade.

Chicago International REEL Shorts Festival

Best Actress Nominee

Director, Relief (2017)

A neurotic finally finds relief in a Starbucks bathroom.

Die Laughing Film Festival Selection

Short and Sweet Film Festival Selection

Director, Blazing Saddles (2015)

In the style of American Pie or Dazed and Confused, the lovable Americanadian threesome embarks on another adventure.

This time, they think they've found paradise in the walls of a spin studio. What starts as a harmless attempt to meet hot women turns into a test of friendship, endurance, and scrotum durability.

Oregon Short Film Festival

Best Comedy Film Nominee

Past Productions by Maxi Witrak

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