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BookCrushin Author Interview

From the author: "As a female in a still male-dominated field, I wanted to show that it doesn't make one naive to put value in romance or being treated well. I don't think it makes for a very humane world when misogyny and snark are the default."

Unsent Postcards: things I never told you  out now!


Unsent Postcards: things I never told you is a collection of original poetry by writer and comedian Maxi Witrak. Pairing vintage imagery with charming love notes, it "brings value to romance and love despite the reigning culture of cynicism that is currently being modeled for younger generations." 

"...a spark of fairy tale romance dressed in the sweatpants of reality."

"Captures the little expressions of love you forgot exist in your daily life, down to the nearly-imperceptible."

Available HERE 

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