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Maxi Witrak is an open book with a few pages torn out.


After a sheltered upbringing complete with show ponies (that’s right, Maxi was a World Champion Equestrian) and controlling mom-ager, her stand-up comedy speaks about ditching privilege and going after teenage dreams immediately after graduating college.


Now she’s a drummer for a pop punk band, with the fashion sense of a 17 year old raised by brothers. This part-tomboy, part grunge-goddess from Seattle faces adulthood with unbridled disappointment.


Inspired by Tig Notaro and Whitney Cummings, she skips the small talk. She’s the edgy-cated Johns Hopkins grad who left the front of the class to check out the back of the bus.

Her credits include being a Finalist in the US Comedy Contest, appearing as a series regular in Stage Fright for Brat TV (2020), as well as starring in her own webseries “TrainTraks with Maxi Witrak.”